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2014 Best Backup Software For Windows

 By Tim kalahan, Channel Writer
Backing up and Protecting your important files, Images, Videos or your entire hard drive is very Important tasks to recover your data in case of system failure or accidentally deleted files, But not all backup software is equal , some backup software may copy selected files to another file location , and others may make an exact image (copy every thing on your PC) so you can restore When you need it.

In this list we collected and review 2014 best Pc backup software in the market based on Backup/Restore and retrieving the data, ease to use, reliable and features set, to suit your PC and your level of experience. Save yourself some time and check this list out.

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1. Genie Backup Manager Pro 9.0

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Genie Backup Manager Professional 9.0

Genie Backup Manager Professional 9.0 is a total system and data protection solution that combines ease-of-use and robust performance, For businesses and individuals alike, Genie9 has improved the software interface and added new powerful features such as new Offsite Backups, which allow you to backup to the reliable and robust cloud storage; Amazon S3, fully integrated system recovery,

2. Acronis True Image 2014 Premium

Acronis True Image 2014 Premium

Acronis True Image 2014 Premium backup offers rock-solid backup/imaging features and now Comes with 5GB of free Cloud Storage for one year. , Acronis is one of the best backup software in the market, and its a top-tier backup solution that offers superior protection and performance, with this new version Acronis has improved the software interface and added new powerful features such as new data synchronisation, One-click backup, fully integrated online backup,

3. NovaBACKUP v15 Professional

NovaBACKUP v15 Professional

NovaBACKUP v15 Professional is a reliable and cost-effective way to back up your files, providing flexible backup and restore capabilities with safe and easy-to-manage controls. Its features include: Simple View Screen provides easy management and scheduling of backups with one click. Flexible and Automated Scheduling...

4. Paragon Backup & Recovery 12 Home

Paragon Backup & Recovery 12 Home

Backup what you want, when you want. Create an image backup of your entire PC to quickly get your system up and running in the event of a system crash or hardware failure or backup only the individual files and folders you need. Smart Select technology allows you to easily backup your photos, music, documents or emails with a couple clicks of the mouse.

4. Norton Ghost 15

Norton Ghost

Norton Ghost 15.0 backs up and restores a user's entire PC computer system, including all of its data - applications, settings, folders and files - and offers exclusive remote backup management, industry-leading encryption and advanced compression features to ensure everything on the PC system is protected. Using Norton Ghost 15.0, users can quickly recover lost or damaged files and restore from system failures, even if their computer's operating system does not start. Norton Ghost 15.0 leverages Symantec's global security alerting system to identify threats,

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